I normally detest getting my picture taken and am extremely camera shy, but you made me feel so relaxed and comfortable, the shoot actually turned out to be fun! What amazed me even more is that I love how I look in the portraits. You managed to capture my essence and allowed my true self to shine through. By the end of the shoot, I felt like you were not only my friend but my sister —as if you had known me my whole life—and the fabulous photos bear testament to your ability make even the most reluctant customer feel and look phenomenal. Thank you so much!

Jo Stepaniak, MSEd
Editorial Director
Book Publishing Company


Thank you Peggy for your talent and for my divine photographs!  I am so excited with my images – I have a lot of difficulty with my appearance at age 86 and you you assured me that I would look beautiful.  You made me really comfortable and the images are just what I wanted – I feel that I look more like 68 than 86 but still look like myself.

You are such a wonderful, talented photographer and your adventurous spirit brings such marvelous insight into your work and with your clients.  You know how to make good features stand out, see into the soul of the person, and you made my portrait a ray of sunlight for me. 

I think it would make an amazing gift for anyone to purchase a portrait by you just like my daughter did for me!

Mindy Kaneff

To be in front of  Peggy and her camera is to be transformed into a piece of fine art.  She helps you with each step finding beauty in you that you never knew existed.  She makes you feels comfortable and between the laughter and conversation! My experience with her was inspiring and left me in awe of her talent!  The experience alone was one of beauty  empowerment and fun...and the photos are breathtaking. A piece of you ..strong feminine.. independent and beautiful frozen in time.. its one of the best things I have ever done for myself and I cannot thank Peggy enough!

Lisa Signorile, Physician Assistant

Working with Peggy exceeded all of my expectations! Peggy understood right away how I see myself in photographs and she captured me in my best.  She made me feel at ease and very comfortable.  During the shoot, I did not feel like I had to pose, I could just be myself.  My pictures came out natural and real.

Peggy has a great artistic eye and a big appreciation for music (both of her daughters studied music), she understands the rhythm and  flow of the photograph that is so important to musicians. I highly recommend Peggy to my musician friends and colleagues!
Thank you, Peggy! Love working with you!

Solomiya Ivakhiv, Professional Violinist

Artistic Director of Music at the Institute (MATI) Concert Series



You are such an amazing photographer - so artistic! What a beautiful shots!!!

I love it!!! Thank you so much! 

It was so much fun doing the photo shoot and the results are amazing!

Wow! I cannot express my gratitude! 🙏